Surely you have read or heard about brands that have achieved success thanks to Instagram Ads. Maybe you think it’s time to develop an Instagram Advertising strategy for your business as well and you’re wondering where to start.What is Instagram Ads and how does it work? How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram? How to create an effective campaign and sponsor a post or story? In this guide I will try to answer all your questions.

What is Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads is the advertising “circuit” of the video and photo sharing social network.

If a brand wants to sponsor an ad or content on Instagram, it pays the platform to show the advertisement to a particular audience. Often Instagram reports that it is an ad by adding the “Sponsored” label to the post. Sponsored posts typically appear in the form of a carousel, slide show, still image, or video. They can also contain a call to action – such as “Buy Now” or “Learn More” – depending on the goal of the campaign, ie whether the sponsor wants to generate more traffic, increase Instagram followers or increase conversions.

Ads in stories

These advertisements are published in the Stories and take up the bahrain email database free entire screen of the user. Sponsored stories have a call to action that encourages the user to “swipe up”, ie to swipe the screen from bottom to top to buy a product or discover the offer. Instagram Stories offers various tools to capture the attention of the public, such as video effects, face filters and stickers.

Ads in Explore

Instagram has a section called “Explore”, where users can discover content related to their interests.

However, they don’t see the ads on this page, only after they open a photo or video and scroll down to see other “similar posts”. The main advantage of Ads in Explore is that you can launch them at the same time as sponsored posts, selecting Explore as an additional placement (more on this later).

Ads with collection

Collection ads allow users to view and purchase products on Instagram.

When they click on a product within the collection, they are redirected to Instant Experience (the e-commerce platform of the social network). These are creative sponsors that typically include a collection of product images or videos.

Shopping Ads

You can also sponsor “purchasable” photos and videos.

When the user clicks on the image, they are redirected to an Instagram page with the product description. By clicking on the “View on website” button, you can directly access your online store, where you can complete your purchase.

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