From this ability, we can obtain different benefits, such as improving our social relationships, creating a leadership mentality, improving communication , among others.Without further ado, in this article we bring you the most relevant information about interpersonal intelligence. It has no waste!What is interpersonal intelligence?Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to detect those slight changes – very subtle – in emotions, intentions, motivations, even the state of mind of the people with whom we interact.In addition to this, it is also the ability to communicate effectively in order to influence a certain group of people, so that they follow a current of India Phone Number List thought or act in a certain way.But who developed the theory of personal intelligence?It was the American psychologist Howard Gardner , who, in his theory of multiple intelligences, proposed that people have several types of intelligence: linguistics;Mathematical logician;visual-spatial;musical;kinesthetic;naturalist;intrapersonal;interpersonal ;As a result of his research, he makes it clear that the cognitive capacities of the human being are eight, where each one is totally valid and important for personal development.How to develop interpersonal intelligence?As we have seen, interpersonal intelligence is very important for the development of each person individually, in order to create a more collective mind.

We tell you how to develop interpersonal intelligence, both at work and personally: Keep your team in unisonDeveloping this skill in your work team is essential.If you want to increase the efficiency of your sales force , it is essential that you develop in them both their interpersonal intelligence and their emotional intelligence , thus you will achieve the best performance of their functions, even working under the strictest standards.For this, you must promote empathy and skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management.It is also important to hold meetings from time to time to evaluate the different types of thinking that the people on your team have.Achieving uniformity of thoughts is the first step to meet all your business objectives .Consider what they can think of youIn order for you to get a better interpretation of what the people around you do and feel,

it is a good idea to first interpret what they think of you.Progress in your interpersonal skills not only depends on you, but is a reciprocal path where internal and external factors converge.Carry out activities with feedbackFirst, we must gather a group of people.Once they meet, different types of situations (of any type) arise where each person must write a document on how they would face the situation and / or how it affects them.After a reasonable amount of time passes, each one is asked to read his letter or even to be read by the person next to him.In this way, all those who are doing the activity will be able to know how others feel about a certain situation from the feedback .

Make collaborative gamesTo achieve an improvement in your interpersonal skills, an excellent option is to play collaborative games and group dynamics .Bringing those fun games from when we were kids to the present is an excellent technique.After all, who didn’t have fun playing as a child?Now, if there was a person who could not have fun like you did, then this is where you will develop your interpersonal skills to a greater extent.Remember, it is not only essential to promote the interpersonal development of your work team, but that you must start with yourself , for this it is important that: put yourself in the place of others with empathy; learn to listen;open your mind;learn to identify the emotions of others;don’t be afraid to ask questions;express yourself clearly;take time to analyze yourself.When you start to study and practice interpersonal intelligence you will see how important and valuable it is, in addition, you will have the basis for your team to move in the same direction.What are the characteristics of interpersonal intelligence?The main features are:improves social relations between individuals in a society;

encourages people’s sense of humor;manages to improve comprehension skills;improves communication skills ;promotes leadership;develops negotiation skills;Encourage interpersonal skills, it will help you in all areas that you put it into practice , in your daily life, your work, the relationship you manage with your partner and even with your parents and children.Do not forget that in order to never stop growing professionally, we must always put ourselves in the shoes of others.With this we ensure success!How important is interpersonal intelligence in the workplace?Let’s see, throughout the article we have been telling you that this skill will help you in your work, but how?Interpersonal intelligence plays a fundamental role in the skills of our employment : improves our labor relations and the organizational climate ; more assertive thoughts and communications; improves dealing with difficult people;conflict management;drives change;create leadership thoughts .This is how in the workplace, the skills of this type of intelligence help us to better do our tasks and, reciprocally,

that of our co-workers.To plan a good marketing strategy , and for it to have the desired effect on the market, you must first know your work team and get them to interact interpersonally with each other .Is it that important? Yes! Undoubtedly.Having a compact work team that cares about each other makes conventional marketing strategies and even digital marketing more effective when implemented.In addition, you should not only take into account your staff but your clients, remember that empathy, putting yourself in their shoes, thinking about what they really need and finding the most appropriate way to solve it will be a key point to achieve your goals.The measures must be adopted from the highest hierarchy of the company, such as the owner of the same or also the CEO to the lowest.In order to create and comply with the guidelines, it is important to create a suitable work environment and implement different types of techniques for interpersonal development and other skills.

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