In recent years, video has become an increasingly important part of  Namibia Email List companies’ digital marketing strategies. Brands are investing more and more money to position themselves in this area and video has become a kind of pretty boy of internet advertising. Furthermore, things do not seem to be set to change in the coming years.

The figures are incredibly promising, so much so that impact growth can be expected in the coming years and also seen in a particularly accelerated way. The latest eMarketer study on the subject only confirms the trend and points to a very promising future for those who bet on video. The figures are based on data from the US market, but since this market is the one that usually sets the tone for what is going to happen in the Western market during the following years, they can be seen as a kind of oracle of what to expect in other markets.

What will happen to the video advertising market?

Between now and 2019, the figures in this market are expected to double, as brands will give more and more priority to this segment. Consumers will watch more and more videos (the forecasts of some studies on what will happen on the Internet indicated that in the future it can be expected that videos will be the majority of Internet traffic worldwide) and the media and media online will in turn produce more and more videos, creating a scenario in which there will be more and more places to position ads.

Thus, if in 2014 brands spent 5,240 million dollars on video ads (3,700 for desktop and 1,540 for mobile), this year they will reach 9,590 million dollars (5,510 for desktop and 4,080 for mobile) and in 2019 the 14,770 million dollars (6,820 for mobile and 7,950 for desktop). Although growth rates will cool down a bit (investment grew in 2014 by 40.8% and in 2015 by 42.4 while in 2019 it will be 13.1%, all of them interannual amounts), the truth is that video will continue from strength to strength and will become increasingly prominent in advertising budgets.

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