Now opening an ecommerce is a very simple operation: with Shopify, for example, you just need the right idea and, with a few clicks and a few euros, you can set up your online store with many products.

But here’s the easy part: What happens next, when your first customer buys your product? Well of course, it happens that you will have to send it, and then choose among the many Italian couriers.

1. Speed ​​of shipments

Today the average user is used to having goods on their doorstep lebanon mobile phone directory within days of purchase, in some cases even the next day.

If you choose a courier that doesn’t offer fast shipping, you may even end up losing the customer. For this reason, the speed of delivery of a product by the courier is a fundamental aspect when you have to choose which Italian courier to rely on.

2. Reliability (tracking of Italian couriers)

Obviously losing a package is something that must be absolutely avoided, not only because the customer will be deeply dissatisfied, but above all because you will be forced to refund the item to the user who bought it, suffering an economic loss.

This is why it is important that the courier you want to rely on is reliable, for example by choosing one that uses only traceable shipments.

In this way, both you and the customer can track the movement of the package in real time.

The tracking service is now a standard of all shipments, so you can safely discard all Italian couriers that do not offer shipping in this way.

3. Price of Italian couriers

Obviously the cost of shipping is a very important aspect for those who own an ecommerce.

In fact, the shipping cost will directly affect the purchase price of the product. Now even just a few euros more could make the user escape.

Unfortunately it is not easy to determine which is the best courier for ecommerce based on price.  This in fact changes a lot depending on the package (size, volume), destination, origin, if you want the cash on delivery, etc.

For this reason, in the article we will not make a comparison between single prices, which would be almost impossible. But between cost ranges: in fact, under the same conditions. There are on average more expensive couriers and others cheaper.

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