This year, also due to the global Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world. For instance, work has changed profoundly. Undergoing a profound acceleration in new directions.

For many today, thinking about what the jobs of the future will be is no longer a simple curiosity.

There are those who have to reinvent themselves because they have lost their jobs. Those who need to change for personal reasons. Those who simply see a dead end in front of them. For instance, and want to find the right door to open to take a new path.

Understanding the present to understand what the new jobs of the future are

Until a few months ago, the future of work had a completely different look and timeline.

Before a pandemic hit the world, many concepts such as remote work. Still seemed to be not very concrete, distant, exotic ideas.

In a few months, however, everything changed. Most companies have been forced to adopt smoking in more or less successful forms, and many workers have found themselves dealing with changes in their industry that they never expected. Many of them, who had a clear and defined road ahead of them for several years, now see only fog and feel the need to change direction.

The jobs most at risk

Certain roles are becoming obsolete at alarming rates, such as IT operators, administrative assistants, archivists, data entry clerks, payroll clerks, and
other similar roles that depend on technologies and work processes that are rapidly losing importance or being replaced by technology.

At the end of 2019, the emergence of the future of work seemed quite slow – due in large part to automation, technology and globalization. The first half of 2020 has turned things upside down unexpectedly.

The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the long-term trends already
triggered by the fourth industrial revolution, which has consequently increased in speed and depth.

But it’s not all bad on the horizon. The Coronavirus has buy phone number database accelerated changes already underway, bringing an unexpected wave of fear and instability that makes the situation appear at its most tragic.

In truth, however, the jobs of the future are many, varied and accessible to the majority of the population, and studies affirm that their quantity and quality will be sufficient to compensate in the long term for the “death” of the old jobs.

But having analyzed the present, then, what will be the most requested jobs in the future, which we can expect to see grow more in the coming years?

Forecasts for the most requested jobs in 2022-2025


The most requested jobs will be closely related to the technological growth of companies in Italy and around the world by 2025.

Cloud computing, big data and ecommerce remain priorities, following a trend established in previous years. However, there has also been a significant increase in interest in cryptography, reflecting the new vulnerabilities of our digital age, and a notable increase in the number of companies planning to adopt non-humanoid robots and artificial intelligence.

These technologies and their preponderance in the near future vary by industry. For example, artificial intelligence is finding the broadest consensus among the sectors of digital information and communications, financial services, health and transport.

Big data, the Internet of Things (IOT), and non-humanoid robotics are seeing strong adoption in the mining and metals sector, while the government and public sector show a particular focus on cryptography


The highest paid jobs of the future: Cloud Computing, Data and AI, Engineering

The trend of the most requested new jobs of the future. For instance, and therefore obviously also the highest paid. Continues mainly in the direction of technology and its creation.

The engineering roles are the masters. For instance, as well as those who will deal with data and artificial intelligence, as well as Cloud technologies. Competent developers in various programming languages. Front-end and backend developers, technology analysts and robot programmers. For instance, consultants and specialists of various technologies. All of these roles will have paved the way in the work of the future.

Fortunately, the world will not belong only to the brains: there is room for many more.

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