biography exampleA biography is a narrative text that tells the relevant events in the life of a person in chronological order to understand their personality, motivations, problems and the background of their successes and failures.Through the art of storytelling, better known as S torytelling , we can inspire our readers, help you overcome the fear of failure and, not least, leave a lesson that you can apply in your life or business.Therefore, since biography is telling a story, in this article we will explore Namibia Phone Number List the different types that exist using some practical examples, so that you understand what their specific characteristics and functions are.We started!Characteristics of a biographyThe biography has special characteristics that differentiate it from other narrative texts. Here are some of them: It is a type of text framed within the historical literary genre;Its origins date back to the Ancient Age, however, it exists as we have known it since the Modern Age; It is prepared by a third person, who will investigate with

objectivity and rigor the most transcendental aspects of the life of the biographer according to the story they want to tell; it narrates real events framed in a historical context, so there is no room for rumors or unverified information; It is different from an autobiography, since it tells the story of a life directly from the protagonist’s perspective; follows a chronological narrative thread, that is, it has an introduction (who is the biographer and what are his main contributions),

a development (what are the difficulties he had to go through to achieve success) and a conclusion (what is his legacy or what lesson can be drawn from his life); describe the character until you find essential features of his personality;highlights places, dates and characters that are related to the protagonist;It can take a written format (books or articles) or graphic-visual (photographic exhibitions, documentaries or films).4 examples of biographies that existAlthough there are different ways to classify biographies,

here we are going to concentrate on distinguishing them according to their function, accompanying them with real examples of each type.1. Biographical booksBiographical books are used to explore the life and contributions that a person of public interest had in society in a certain time and historical context.You can use them to publicize the experiences that a character had to go through before achieving success and, in this way, extract a lesson that you can share with your readers using S torytelling.An example of a biography in literature is “Lincoln” by Cesar Vidal.

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