Being present in the market and using traditional marketing strategies in the dissemination, interaction and creation of engagement , is not always enough for brands to be able to impact the target audience in an adequate way. Especially in competitive markets, Great Britain Email List brand activation or Activation Marketing is an excellent way to attract attention and, mainly,

to project an image through differentiated actions. The search for innovation in this approach mechanism is an increasingly strong trend, as a consequence, it arouses interest in brand activation .A differentiated experience, which offers more than the image of the company and which is incorporated at an opportune moment, counts many points. That is what Activation Marketing is all about and its actions before the consumer !This article will talk a little more about this strategy and how it can be important to businesses.

Learn more about its benefits and find out how to apply it! What is brand activation or Activation Marketing How many times have you seen a certain brand running a campaign somewhere like an event, a shopping mall or a party? They are places where the probability of attracting the attention of the public increases.

Activation Marketing takes advantage of occasions like these to show the potential of a certain brand. This strategy can be explained as a practice by which a company marks a presence in a certain location in order, through outstanding actions, to capture the attention of the target

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