Ensuring that your site appears in user searches is essential for the success of any Digital Marketing strategy .To achieve this goal, it is normal that you Guadeloupe Email Lists invest in SEO strategies , Content Marketing and a series of other actions that can attract the attention of search engines and,


therefore, increase your website traffic .However, there are sure to be pages on your site that you don’t want search engines crawling, such as login pages and others that have files that are exclusively accessed by clients or members of your team.

To help you hide these pages, there are robots.

txt.What is the robots.txt file?Robots.txt is a file that should be saved in the root folder of your site, and indicates to the search robots of Google , Bing and many others which pages of your site you do not want these Internet search engines to access .And as the name implies, robots.txt is a .

txt file that can be created in your own notebook, excluding the need for a tool to create it.Robots.txt uses the standard format of the Robot Exclusion Protocol, a set of commands that search robots use in directories and pages on your site that should not be accessed.

Since the file is saved directly in the root folder of the site, accessing robots.txt files from other pages is quite simple: just type the address of the page in your browser and add the command “/robots.txt” to the end of url .

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