An action plan is a business management tool that helps the manager move his business from point “A” to point “B”; in other words, determine the steps toward the goals set for the business.To illustrate this with market data, the report E-commerce Trends 2018 , 94% of businesses in e – commerce intend to increase their investments in marketing to improve their business results.That is, your focus is on improving revenue, and investing in marketing is one of the actions necessary to achieve that goal. In this case, of course, it is still necessary to Belarus Phone Number List determine the expenses, other elements of influence and who will be responsible for this effort.The action plan is so practical and efficient that even freelancers use the tool to organize their careers and personal activities.But to get good results, it must be well designed and understood. In this post, we show you what you need to know about developing an action plan. Join us!What is the action plan?The first step to using it is understanding its concept, after all, there are various models, supporting tools, and ways to build it. It is a management tool that lists, in topics,

what actions are necessary to achieve a goal.This allows you to divide the central objective of a company into a variety of tasks, organize them chronologically and determine who will be responsible for carrying them out, for how long, with what resources and budget .It is a widely used tool and therefore many applications and systems were developed with its principles of organization and shared responsibility. Here are some of them: TodoistWith this application , it is possible to record teams and tasks in a calendar that organizes activities, indicates who is responsible for completing them and allows the inclusion of attachments that are crucial for the achievement of an action plan.

Therefore, if a company decides to create an action plan for an event to be held, it can list: who will be responsible for the management;indicate the deadlines for completing each step;attach supplier’s budget;establish deadlines for decision-making, among other details.

TrelloAlso well known, Trello has the same functionality as Todoist and other solutions. It allows you to determine if the step has been completed or not, create alarms about the approach of a deadline, as well as different classifications for the tasks.That is, a manager can create lists and action plans for different aspects of his life, professional or personal, and manage everything in a single application in an organized and efficient way.We could mention other applications, such as Schedule Planner and Evernote. In addition to the organization of actions, they ensure the productivity of the people involved.Let’s take a closer look at their contributions to the business!

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