Lean Manufacturing translates as “Lean Production” in Spanish. It is a concept used to represent the productivity optimization method Martinique Email List that is implemented in companies to give greater efficiency to the resources available in organizations.

Guest AuthorOct 10, 19 | 8 min readWhat-is-lean-manufacturing-and-how-it-worksThe concept of lean manufacturing gained popularity and became the ideal management model for small and medium-sized business owners.Is this methodology still in fashion?Why is it so successful?How to apply it to my company?

What results can it bring?We will answer these and other questions below!The lean manufacturing method has become popular in recent years and is a benchmark especially for startups and startups .Lean management – this is lean and limited to the bare minimum – aims to increase productivity by solving common mistakes in business processes and reducing waste in various sectors.

Older than many people think, the proposal emerged in Japan after World War II.Back then, getting the most out of the least available was practically a matter of survival.Today, the teachings and concepts of this management methodology – which for many is also a philosophy – can be interesting to create processes and workflows for companies of different sizes.

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