That is why it is so important to choose carefully, not only the type of font, but the combination with graphics and images, as well as colors, especially if it is to Faroe Islands Email List  be used to promote a brand .


Selecting the correct typeface according to the product or campaign to which the design is directed has an influence on emotions.

This helps capture the audience’s attention because it communicates in a direct way and motivates that audience to make decisions based on what they see. In fact, the types of fonts are so influential that many of the world’s largest companies invest, as part of their market research, in deeply studying the fonts they can use in their campaigns , in order to always choose the most effective models.

That said, I invite you to continue reading this article, so that you discover the types of fonts most used by designers when developing the visual identity of a brand .Let us begin!1. Sans Serif This type of typography has always set a trend in graphic design. Its shape is modern and sophisticated at the same time and this allows the designer a better space to create.

It is widely used for what in the world of design is known as clean work, which is nothing more than encompassing several elements to generate a specific focus on the pieces designed.

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