There are several important factors that impact the ranking of a site for Google. Many of them are well known to SEO professionals ; however, the less experienced may not have Link Juice on their radar.This concept is associated with one of the main criteria for content to be well positioned against algorithms: link building . To take full advantage of this optimization possibility, it is essential to understand Link Juice, what benefits it brings and how to use it in the best way.Precisely, we will explain all this below, so pay close attention!Editor’s Note: Also check out our definitive link building guide to learn more about link strategies What is Link Juice and how Finland Phone Number List does it work?From the point of view of a common user, we always find a series of links within the text of the articles, right? This is a practice that helps to enrich the reading with related content, but it not only has that function.Those links have a positive impact on the way Google positions websites.The Link Juice is nothing more than the optimization part for the positioning that is transmitted in each link for the landing page . If you have a post and, in it, there are links to other web pages, a part of its potential positioning – called PageRank (PR) – is distributed to each of these links for other web sites.Sites use this link building resource, in effect, to have greater authority. If a page has several links in its contents, it becomes more valid for Google’s algorithms .

Therefore, it is important that these links are congruent within the content, that is, post with related topics .Imagine that your company needs search engine optimization and, to achieve this, it gets links from a site with greater authority in the sector.To take advantage of your positioning, it is necessary that it makes adjustments so that your page collects all the PR of qualified positioning. Link Juice is like a “cumulative” ranking that the page that hosts the links transfers to their destination.seo guideJuice Links DistributionOne of the most important points of Link Juice is the distribution of the positioning portion, since without it this concept is meaningless. SEO professionals need to understand that each link used in a post transfers a part of that positioning.

This has an impact on the destination site, but it is somewhat controllable. The source page, that is, the one that hosts the links and transfers a part of the positioning, can limit how much is being sent for each destination content.Without a doubt, this helps to make a controlled distribution, to align with the strategies .To do this limitation, simply use the “nofollow” attribute associated with each link where the site does not want to take advantage of Link Juice, sending PR to the destination page. In practice it works as follows: the more links, the less PR will be distributed among them.

A site that stands out and has a lot of authority can offer a very valuable PR to the links; however, if you have 10 addresses on the same page, the PR will be divided among all of them. But, if there are 5 links, for example, the portion of PR that will be assigned to each one is much higher.

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