The media always existed in society, but with great improvements throughout history. Today, they are modern, they reach many people and they are fundamental marketing tools , that is why it is so important to know what they really are.So what is the media? This seems to be a simple question, however, a new one arises every day and that is directly connected to the technological advancement of digital transformation and society.For marketing professionals, knowing each of Bulgaria Phone Number List these media is essential to optimize their strategies, since, in addition to enhancing the options in terms of marketing strategies, it reveals how the public is distributed among the various channels.Thus, each business can identify in which of them its audience is concentrated. And, precisely for this reason, it is essential to know more about them.To better understand them, in this article you will find several important points, such as: What are the media;the way they have evolved over the years; which are the most popular;the reasons why they are important; and, how is it possible to use them in your marketing strategy.

Continue reading!What are the media?Communicating is a human need since the world exists. This is why the media are all channels, instruments or ways of transmitting information.These are so broad that they range from writing and drawing to communication technologies that we know today.How have the media evolved?Today, it is easy to identify which are the most common means of communication: telephone,TV,radio,and Internet.However, that has changed over time and it is important to remember that history deals with these media from the most rudimentary copies.

It is worth considering that many of these media were not based on the technological idea, since they were considered as communication media: the drawings;signs;signs;the beginning of languages.Following a chronological order, among the best known media, the sequence of appearance was: cards;radio;telephone;TV;Internet.From them, naturally, with the deployment of technology and digital transformation a number of variations emerged.During the evolution of resources, the integration between technologies was a significant framework that, despite being very natural in modern times, needs to be deeply evaluated.

A good example is the telephone: who would say that it could originate other forms of communication such as video calls, instant messages (such as WhatsApp ) and still take over a lot of Internet related channels?So despite having the same definition, the main difference between all these options is the distance, scope, evolution and impact they have on society.

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