The Marketing Digital is quite large and there are several strategies to promote a brand . However, their characteristics are different and each one of Morocco Email List them has its importance within online marketing.


Within a context where access to information has become widespread and Internet users are always looking for new things on the Internet ,

the content creator emerges as the person responsible for capturing this audience and taking it to the content of a brand .I say responsible because with all the information he has, it will depend exclusively on him and his abilities, to produce a material that conquers, not only the buyer persona , but also the algorithms of the search engines .

Considering all this, the content creator is important for Digital Marketing for the following: help promote the brand;it will promote the construction of a closer relationship between the business and the buyer persona; improve positioning and authority online;the number of conversions will increase;will be able to create engagement ;it will increase organic traffic not only on the blog ,

but also on the business website; among other benefits.What is your role within a Content Marketing strategy?Its role is to create a valuable material , with the aim of generating conversions. Therefore, it is necessary for the content creator to know fundamental information to guarantee its quality.For example:the brand’s objectives to be achieved with the strategy;

the buyer person will be the one who will determine the characteristics of the material created considering the stage in the purchase journey in which it is found; the keyword to achieve the expected visibility. These and many other details, such as SEO for example, are behind a Content Marketing strategy. With all this you can do an excellent job that really brings the expected results.

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