As you know, Rock Content is the largest Content Marketing agency in Latin America.With a presence in Brazil, Mexico and a successful expansion in Colombia, at Rock we set ourselves an example so that you understand the importance of specializing tasks when executing a marketing strategy.Are you ready? Let’s get started!The value of Marketing for Rock ContentWhen Rock Content was born in 2013 in Belo Horizonte, the vision of Diego Gomes, Edmar Ferreira and Vitor Peçanha (our founders) was to turn their own company into their greatest success story. How could it be otherwise, they bet everything on something that, at that time, few companies in Brazil knew: Yes, we are referring to the now famous Content Bolivia Phone Number List Marketing .To give you a short story (if you want to read it in full, click here ), Rock Content started its customer acquisition strategy through a blog. In it, valuable content was published that allowed them to close their first year with 100 clients.Two years later, the Rock Content blog in Spanish saw the light and with it began the internationalization that now has our company billing US $ 5 million annually. Do you want to know how our Marketing machine works ? I’ll tell you about it below.Complete Marketing Guide!Download it for free to learn how to create your strategy

The structure of the Rock Content Marketing departmentBefore explaining I want to clarify the following: the structure of our Marketing department has changed according to the growth of the company. Therefore, the organization that you will see below is the result of our evolution.It does not mean that all companies should be distributed this way. Nothing of that! If your company is smaller and cannot afford this degree of specialization and division of tasks, do not despair. Follow the recommendations that we give you in this article.

Well, now I am going to explain to you how we organize the Marketing department of Rock Content.Blogs TeamAt Rock Content we manage 4 different blogs:Intelligence Rock Content : (Portuguese) portal dedicated to distributing content on Marketing trends, technology, digital transformation, data and relevant statistics on the Brazilian market.

Comunidade Rock Content : (Portuguese) freelancer support, training and market creation blog that works in segments such as content production and review and graphic design.Rock Content Brasil Blog : (Portuguese) Rock Content’s main blog where we distribute posts and materials on Digital Marketing and Content Marketing to help companies with their digital strategies.Rock Content blog in Spanish : it is the main channel for customer acquisition in Hispanic countries.To manage them we need a team with:6 marketing analysts who act as content planners and editors.An SEO expert who ensures the success of all search engine channels.

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