Every business needs a good Mozambique Email List reputation to be successful and thrive. As you grow, it is increasingly important to stand out in the field in which you operate.And although they depend on many factors, such as quality and reliability, Public Relations is one of the pillars to manage the reputation of a company.

Thus, they allow you to broadly communicate your brand, the values ​​linked to it and, also, create narratives about your products and services.Good public relations work allows the public to understand what your business has to offer.

Sounds amazing right? But do you know what public relations is?Studies in Social Communication are divided into three main fields: Journalism,Advertising ,and Public Relations (affectionately abbreviated as PR).

And while most people know – or at least have a notion – what a journalist or publicist does, the question often arises: what exactly does a public relations professional do?This is the topic that we will address in this post!

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