If you have been aware of new trends in Marketing, you have surely noticed that the use of Quiz has become popular.After years of being looked down on, we have finally realized that this type of Brazil Phone Number List content (which has been around for a long time) can be an ideal tool to generate engagement with the audience.

A key example of this is Buzzfeed, which draws thousands upon thousands of people to its website daily with the help of its fun Quizzes.Who hasn’t invested a few minutes of their life to figure out which character on the Friends series they are according to their personality or allowed the page to guess their age based on a bunch of random answers? I’m not proud to say that I do.

The point is that the fame of Buzzfeed has opened our eyes to Content Marketing professionals and to start applying Quizzes in companies.But calm down, you are fooling yourself if you think that just choosing one aspect of pop culture and creating a fun Quiz will lead visitors to interact with your blog!In the end, these fun Quizzes serve their purpose by being entertainment vehicles, but it is very different when you are in a company and you need to reach a goal of leads .

You need to create a Quiz that generates real value for your buyer persona and causes positive results in numbers in your company , right?A Quiz can:attract more visits to your blog;increase the reach of your social networks;create engagement with your audience through differentiated content; generate contacts, leads, and much more!To help you, in this content, we are going to tell you how a single Quiz generated more than 1,000 leads on the first day within the Rock Content Blog , Portuguese version, and our freelancers acquisition platform.And, of course,

teach you to do the same, because not only ebooks are a lead generation strategy, right?Choose a toolThere are several tool options that you can use to create your Quiz.One of them is Outgrow, a tool for calculators and quizzes that we have already tried.

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