Imagine a band that takes a hit and quits producing new songs. The natural move is that, over time, fans lose interest and drift away, do you agree? The same thinking can be applied to businesses. By Reunion Email Lists limiting your offering to one product, you give up exploiting the full marketing potential you have.

Therefore, it is important to take into account the concept of Product Mix. This indicates the variety offered by the company to the market .Achieving a satisfactory level of coverage is the goal of most companies, as it represents valuable benefits.

To facilitate your understanding on the subject, we created this article. In it, we will teach you the reasons why the concept is so important and we will give you advice to define your own combination of products.

Read on and find out!Why is the Product Mix important to your business?When we talk about Product Mix, the first word that comes to mind is variety. It is clear that the definition of the products offered must be done carefully and strategically, in order to maintain the identity of the brand and retain consumers.Before pointing the way to designing your own strategy, we’ll show you some of the key benefits that make this concept so important.

For starters, offering diversified products is an excellent opportunity to boost business profit. That’s because, as we know, even if they identify with your brand , some consumers still don’t consume certain items.In an effort to identify this gap, you can invest in the availability of products that attract the attention of those people.

That way, even with a published article, there is another that can guarantee ROI .This idea is even more important if we think of products by occasion, a term that refers to the variation in demand according to the times of the year. If you sell ice cream, for example, you may have a hard time finding buyers during the winter.

By applying the Marketing Mix , you have the ability to decide on a product with the power to balance the lack of demand , such as hot desserts, coffees and other products consumed during cold weather.Do you know other benefits that this can generate? We will tell you below!

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