The main difficulty content planners encounter when starting to create guidelines is understanding how to write a complete and objective guide pitch.If this is the case for you, rest assured: today’s post will have the top questions on this topic and will show you how to Jamaica Phone Number List write summaries to produce amazing content!Shall we start?The structure of a pattern.The guidance that most web writers receive when writing content for Content Marketing is to rigorously follow the guide pitch .The guideline is as if it were a “recipe” of the text:the writer must read the description very carefully, analyze the proposal and follow all the information carefully to understand what is the objective, the language, the tone and the most important information for that text. Only in this way will the final result fulfill its function of satisfying the most demanding customers!A guideline consists of the title of the article, the client to whom that text is intended, the buyer person, the number of words that must be written, the CTA (Call To Action) that will

be used at the end of the text, the funnel phase of sales corresponding to that text, the references on that topic, the keyword and, most importantly, the guide pitch.But, after all, what is a pattern pitch?The guideline pitch is nothing more than the guide of a text.

This is a general explanation of the agenda, which includes essential information and instructions for the development of quality content.In addition to instructing the editor about what it is and what the topics are covered in a content, the guide pitch also helps to align the expectations of the client who will receive the text.A good pitch includes the main points that the editor must adhere to: the objective and the format of the text, the main topic to be discussed, ramifications of this subject and additional information, examples and applications of the topic discussed.

After doing all the necessary research on the client to suggest a guideline , the buyer persona and the topic to write about become clear, sometimes we can even imagine what the final text will be like.Most of the time, however, the guide planner will not be the same person who will write that article. Therefore, it is very important that all this information that we imagine is listed in the guideline clearly and objectively.It is necessary to transmit all the insights we had during the creation of the guideline for the writer. The more explicit the intention about that content, the less room for doubt for the writer and the chances that the text will fit the client’s strategy will increase.

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