Let’s start this article with a very simple question: How do you define your blog post guidelines? Do not be afraid. If you do frequent keyword searches to find the best terms, this is the way to go! If, on the Vietnam Email List other hand, your answer does not involve this type of research and is based solely on mind-blowing ideas, this post is essential for you!

When it comes to SEO, Keyword Research is the main process of a digital marketer . There is no successful strategy that does not use this type of analysis.

If you never did a keyword search for the blog you created or have questions about how to run it perfectly, I guarantee that after reading this post, your problems will be over! In this content I will not explain what SEO is . You can learn this better in our post on the subject, in the previous link. Today we will focus exclusively on Keyword Research! What is a Keyword Research in SEO? To get the organic traffic that you want so much, it is essential that the content published on your blog is relevant to someone.

Up to here is what we all know, but how do people find your content? When they type in search engines , they use keywords. Yes, we are explaining it step by step until we get to the main point. Before visiting your page, the user must have a question or problem that they want to solve. Whether it’s a silly question about the differences between services, how-to guides for accomplishing a particular task, or even a detailed search to understand a concept in depth.

How can you find the most searched terms by your audience? I have two answers to this question: knowing very well the buyer persona of your business; conducting a keyword search to find the best opportunities for your niche .

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