Ranking a web page well is a constant challenge that many SEO professionals engage in on Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List a daily basis. While there is an understanding of what makes it easier for search engines to find your pages,


you also need to know what can get in the way. The canonical tag is an important mechanism that helps to correctly index these pages. Google’s algorithm looks for the greatest possible clarity when it detects web pages. If they somehow discover that there is similarity between the addresses,


you can interpret them as duplicate content , making ranking difficult . Canonical tag is a simple intervention that can help you avoid this problem. To better understand the topic, in this content we will delve into what canonical tag is about in topics such as: What is canonical tag? Why use the canonical tag? How does the canonical tag work?

When and how to use the canonical tag? What is the importance of 301 redirect? How does canonical etiquette work for social media? What are the best practices for using this functionality? What are the most common canonical tag errors? What are the most frequently asked questions on the subject ?Read on and learn more! What is a canonical tag? The canonical tag is a markup inserted in the code of web pages to define that it is an

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