Audio marketing has revolutionized the digital market in 2019, this occurs because consumer behavior, which is constantly changing, requires Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists companies to adopt new marketing strategies that are relevant to their behaviors, such as the creation of podcasts.

If yesterday reading a five-minute article on a blog was something much more accessible than reading a physical magazine, today, listening to this same content in audio format is much more practical than reading.

And this is because today, we are within a scenario in which consuming is totally connected to technology, accessibility and practicality . Therefore, podcasts emerge as an option that guarantees the listener the connection with all these points.

Today, we’re going to show you how to create a podcast from start to finish! With this guide, it will be much easier to create programs and make them available online. But, not only that, we will also address other key points, such as: What are podcasts?

Why make a podcast?What are the types of podcasts?How to create a podcast?Where to host your podcast?How to publish the podcast?How to rank in Google with your podcast?How to monetize your podcast?What podcasts does Rock Content recommend?Interesting, right? Time to start!What are podcasts?Podcasts are a series of episodes recorded in audio and broadcast online . These can be recorded in different formats, the most common being interviews between guest and presenter and individual recordings where the presenter (or presenters) comments on a specific topic.

Whatever the presentation format, these programs necessarily need a subject and someone to make the presentation (usually called hosts).Interestingly, the word podcast is a result of the union of the words i Pod , meaning that this content is portable and Broad cast ,

meaning that transmission follows the same model radio transmissions.And, although they are available online, one of their fundamental characteristics is the possibility of downloading the episodes to listen to them even offline.

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