In a world saturated with content , getting users to read a blog post from start to Saint Helena Email List finish seems like an impossible task at first glance. Even if it teaches correct information, a text is only successful if it manages to connect with the reader and resolve their concern.

Given this challenge, web writers are using creative writing to produce more compelling copy for their users.Do you know what is it about? In this article we tell you what creative writing is, what its benefits are, and how you can use this technique to attract more readers to your blog .Stay with us!

What is creative writing?By definition, creative writing is a practice used primarily by writers in the literary world to create epic stories outside the traditional frameworks of journalistic, professional, academic or technical writing .For this reason, the texts they produce are full of creativity, expressiveness and imagination.

Creative writing has certain elements that keep the reader’s attention and curiosity throughout the text, such as: real or fictional narratives with characters constructed so that the reader feels identified; ideas expressed with an aesthetic language;

originality in the creation of both informative and entertaining stories; use of storytelling to awaken emotions.Due to its ability to present complex ideas in an entertaining way, many companies and copywriters are applying this literary technique in Content Marketing.

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