A few years ago, companies were limited to offline media, such as brochures, business cards, outdoors and – for those who had capital – advertisements on television, radio and print.However, today the Internet opens the doors of advertising so that any business can find its audience, spread its brand and make online sales. Banners, sponsored links, social networks, Email Marketing … there are infinities of channels and formats that you can take advantage of!Now, you are about to understand Ivory Coast Phone Number List everything about digital advertising, for example: what it is, why it is worth investing in it, what are the types and, especially, how to obtain results in this way.Keep reading!What is digital advertising?Digital advertising is all the ways of promoting a brand and its products or services through digital devices or channels.In addition, beyond promoting, it allows you to connect with the target audience and create a relationship with consumers.Changing consumer behavior and the evolution of

technology were the drivers of digital advertising. People started using the Internet for everything from solving a simple question on Google to buying a refrigerator from an electronic store.For this reason, in recent years the Internet has become a place where companies have to be yes or yes. If the public is on Google, social networks and blogs, they mark them, they must mark their presence in these spaces.

In addition, different ways in which brands connect with consumers through the Internet have emerged. Consequently, in recent years digital advertising has become increasingly complex and powerful.The diversification of the formats, forms of payment and options for segmentation of the public have made the platforms more robust and full of possibilities for companies.Difference between digital advertising and Digital MarketingDo you still think that digital advertising and Digital Marketing is the same thing?Nothing happens, most people and professionals in the area treat them the same. But, there is a subtle difference between the two and we want you to know that.Marketing, in a simple way, deals with the 4 P’s of marketing : Price, Product, Place and Promotion.This concept made up of 4 pillars determines how a brand is presented in the market. Logically, when it comes to Digital Marketing, these factors are thought of in the online environment.The advertising ,

then, is a marketing tool because it is within P’s: Promotion. It is one of the ways in which companies promote their brands and products to the public, and digital advertising is the tool to do so in online media.You can already understand that digital advertising is a tool of Digital Marketing. Therefore, in practice, many people see them as synonyms.

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