Have you ever been browsing a website, but thought about leaving because the design didn’t appeal to you, such as the typography and the way the content was distributed ?And what about slow websites that don’t load on your phone or tablet just when you most need quick access to content?All this makes the experience of visitors to a site very bad and the consequence of this is the decrease in the conversion of these visitors to customers. So that this does not happen with your company’s website, you must have a quality web design.And to understand this concept, Kazakhstan Phone Number List the advantages of investing in the design of a website and how to identify the profile of a good web designer, keep reading this post until the end!What is web design?Web design involves work related to the layout and design of online pages, as well as content production, although it is generally applied to the creation of websites.In this case, web designers create the pages using markup languages ​​such as HTML or XML .On the other hand, the visual part of the sites is in charge of the CSS , a term used to style the elements written in HTML.Therefore, it is common for web designers to use both to build a site because together they will define how the pages will appear in browsers.

The site creation process can be done from tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver (which will require the professional to know more about the codes) and CMS which are content management platforms.WordPress is one of the best known and most practical because it has a series of templates that can base the site. The web designer has the task of installing and customizing them according to what each client wants.

What are the key elements of web design?When we talk about a good web design, some points are essential and cannot be missing from your site. Here are the highlights: ResponsivenessAs more and more people access the internet only by cell phone, it is very important that your site is suitable for mobile devices, that is, that it is responsive .ScannabilityYou know those emails that have a “text block” because the entire message is written in a single paragraph? Reading them is too exhausting, isn’t it? Well, the same goes for your site visitors if they don’t consider textual scannability .TypographyIf from this point we started writing this post with a completely different typeface, your reading experience would not be very pleasant,

would it? After all, it is a typeface that would not fit in with the rest of the content. The same should apply to your site.Loading speedIn a world where everyone seems to be always in a rush, having a fast-loading website is essential. According to Google, sites that take more than 2 seconds to load damage both the user experience and the indexing of the site.What are the advantages of investing in a quality web design?

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