Maybe to talk about LEGO about presentations. Of course, we are talking about a well-known and very popular brand that has managed to become the main toy brand in the world.

This brand of Danish, is best known for its interlocking plastic block sets. Popular around Grenada Email List the world, these LEGO blocks or “bricks” have been regarded not only as simple toys, but as an invaluable aid to educators thanks to their ability to develop creative and problem-solving skills in children. However, LEGO is one of those love marks and one of those cult brands with history that arouse passions not only in children. Among the older ones we will find authentic collectors. In fact, last year, LEGO strengthened its position in the top of the most valued brands .

We can also highlight how LEGO has maintained a great commitment to advertising, which in recent years has intensified offering us really interesting and highly creative proposals while maintaining the essence of its own philosophy. Without a doubt, the creative factor that has been an essential part in these types of games has been precisely what LEGO has used to perfection in its innumerable advertising campaigns.

His television commercials have also been a constant. Countless and of all kinds, LEGO advertising has led the brand to maintain a prominent position within the club of large advertisers. Just turn to sites like YouTube and we can see how the traditional and also the most creative LEGO videos and advertisements have spread, adding billions of views.

As proof of this, we have compiled some of these advertisements. 20 of his best spots and advertisements from the LEGO universe for true fans and followers of this cult brand. Do not miss them!

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