n?by Marianna | Social networks , Social SellingLinkedIn Ads: how to create audiences on LinkedIn?The number of members currently registered on LinkedIn exceeds 800 million, including 58 million company profiles. The professional network therefore Romania Email List  confirms its status as an essential communication tool for companies seeking visibility. Whether you are part of a large group, an SME, or whether you are independent, LinkedIn is proving to be a particularly effective tool for creating special relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners. Indeed, the platform has several tools, such as LinkedIn Ads, allowing companies to expand their audience and therefore increase their profits.Wondering how to better target prospects and leads with LinkedIn ads? In this article, you will discover how to target your ideal audience with LinkedIn Ads!LinkedIn Ads: Audience LinkedIn, what are we talking about?The LinkedIn audience, also called targeting, refers to a segmentation of the LinkedIn database, namely all the criteria necessary for a company to define its targets on LinkedIn Ads. As a social network advertising platform, LinkedIn Ads allows you to

manage your own advertising, within your LinkedIn network and therefore with an active audience . Through data collection, LinkedIn Ads offers the ability to create, distribute and analyze the reach of your advertising campaigns, depending on your goals and means.Note: Before you dive into LinkedIn Ads audience tools, you need to know the profiles you want to reach and those you want to exclude from your targeting. By carrying out this work of defining ideal customer profiles, also called buyer persona or ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), upstream, you will save time and quality when you create your LinkedIn Ads audience.Read also: Which professional social network to choose for your B2B business?digital strategyDefining your LinkedIn Ads audience: why is it so important?A well-defined target allows you to personalize your marketing messages. However, the personalization of messages will make them more relevant and they will therefore be more likely to reach and interest your targets. This focused effort also means that you will be able to maximize your return on investment (ROI). In addition, your LinkedIn Ads audience will

not be the same depending on the goal you are trying to achieve. While a large audience will allow you to gain notoriety, a remarketing audience will be the best option if you are looking to convert leads to customers.Build your audience yourself with LinkedIn AdsLinkedIn’s audience is predominantly professional, making it the ideal advertising platform for B2B businesses looking to achieve specific types of roles within companies.LinkedIn Ads is accessible via Campaign Manager, the interface dedicated to the development of LinkedIn ads . This platform offers a range of dynamic advertising formats, displays, texts, videos and carousels. With this tool, it is also possible to integrate lead generation forms into your campaigns.You can choose from three advertising formats on LinkedIn Ads:Sponsored content: These are ads that appear directly in the LinkedIn feeds of the professionals you want to reach. These are paid per click (CPC), or cost per impression (CPM) ads. They can take the form of a single image, carousel, or video, appearing on the right side of your LinkedIn home page. They are available in four formats: square, high

, horizontal and long, and can be displayed in web and mobile versions.Advertising messages : which allow you to deliver personalized content through LinkedIn Messenger. They are acquired on a cost per send basis, which means you only pay for each message delivered. These messages can be displayed on the pages in web and mobile version.marketing toolLinkedIn Ads: Build Your Audience Using LinkedIn Audience AttributesLinkedIn allows you to reach people who do not yet know your business through the “Audience Attributes” tool. This method gives access to a first list of targeting categories. LinkedIn offers 5 categories to define the audience of a LinkedIn Ads campaign: The company: this criterion makes it possible to specify the targeting according to the sector of activity and the size of the company. It is also possible to target a specific

company.Demographic data: used to target audiences based on gender and age.Education: this category offers the possibility of targeting by field of study, diplomas obtained and schools attended.Professional experience: it allows targeting the audience in terms of number of years of experience, skills, but also functions, hierarchical levels and positions held within a company. The professional experience criteria represent the key targets within a B2B marketing strategy.Areas of interest: this feature is particularly relevant in inbound marketing , since it is very useful for advertising based on the content “consumed” by the prospect. It is also possible to target the LinkedIn audience based on the groups that users have joined.

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