We are in the revolutionary era of entrepreneurship . Yes, our social news is marked by Sao Tome and Principe Email List a transformation process in which there are more and more business opportunities, but also greater

competition. Entrepreneurship is not something new, but many times we put ourselves unnecessary barriers and believe that it is not possible to achieve goals, when in reality things work differently.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you just need to have sufficient conviction about yourself, have the necessary tools to carry out your project and, of course, have a good idea .To succeed you have to focus on your goals, not waste opportunities and, above all,

dare!Looking for inspiration to advance those ideas? Get to know these seven incredible films for entrepreneurs.1. The social networkOf course this list was going to start with the movie that tells the story of the founder of Facebook . This tape tells how the famous social network was born.

Its content is still valid, mainly because we are currently living in the era of social networks and in this film we visualize how the way we communicate with other people has changed.It is a movie that leaves good inspirational messages, about how you should work to make your dreams come true.

It helps you understand that in the business world you always have to stay one step ahead of the competition and it is the perfect example of how to conquer the market when you have a truly innovative idea .

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