Unlike the concept of ecommerce , Marketplaces are like online shopping centers.You want to know more? In this post we are going to explain what a Marketplace is, what is its importance, how it works and, in addition, we will give you tips to apply them in your company.So, let’s go reading!What is Marketplace?The Marketplace refers to a broader concept of online sales. On this platform, different stores can advertise their products, thus offering a range of options to the customer.The concept Norway Phone Number List of Marketplace is not new. In Latin America it emerged in 2012 and, today, many large digital companies have already joined. Some examples of Marketplace are Amazon, Google Shopping and Mercado Libre.As we already said, there are several differences between a Marketplace and an ecommerce.In the case of an ecommerce, you enter the website of a store X and choose a product that is sold and shipped by the store itself .In the case of a Marketplace you

can enter the website of the X store and choose a product that is being sold and sent by the store and .What are the advantages of a Marketplace?For users, the Marketplace represents more practicality , after all you can see the offers of several sellers on the same website. That way, you can easily compare and choose the best price.Plus, you can buy from multiple different stores and make just one payment , rather than going through multiple checkout processes on multiple sites.In turn, for merchants it is synonymous with collaboration . By advertising their products in a Marketplace, companies – large or small – gain more visibility and increase sales .

The concept is the same that justifies the success of a physical store in a shopping center . People can come in to buy the product from another store, but they see the products in your window and end up buying from you too.The Marketplace is a showcase in a virtual shopping center .In addition to visibility, companies also gain reputation with the consumer. When a smaller and less well known store places its product on the marketplace of a market giant, you manage to break down some purchase objections typically linked to a lack of trust.Content Marketing to reduce time and costs!Download the guide for free and learn to save resources with the strategy [email protected] does a Marketplace work?If you want to do business in a Marketplace, the process is simple, but it requires attention. Basically, you have to register your company and your products.From there your products begin to be disclosed, appear in surveys and are suggested to users according to their search and purchase history .

You must be aware of the commission charged by the company that manages the Marketplace!The commission corresponds to a value ranging from 9.5% to 30% of each sale made. The variation corresponds to the level of disclosure you request during registration: the higher the visibility of your products, the higher the commission.Knowing this, you need to evaluate the feasibility of entering a Marketplace.Does the profit margin exceed the cost of the product added to the cost of the commission?Will the expected increase in sales volume offset the reduction in profit margin?Or is it that the Marketplace is going to boost your sales, but destroy your profitability ?In

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