mass mediaThe mass media or mass media emerge as the perfect complement to disseminate, at a mass level and without discrimination of the public, any important or relevant message with respect to your Digital Marketing strategy .Over time, technological advances have been present in the way in which people’s needs have been met, and it is a palpable reality that the Internet marked the end of one era and the beginning of another in terms of how to cover said needs.From the beginning, selling products or services in order to provide solutions to people’s demands has been achieved thanks to a good advertising strategy, and it cannot be a good advertising strategy if the Romania Phone Number List relevant information channels are not used.Read on to learn more about the mass media!What are the mass media or mass communication media?The mass media are means of communication whose objective is to get information to as many people as possible simultaneously .It can be said that the first mass media was the written press (newspaper), then radio, later television and finally the Internet.The mass media are characterized by having 3 fundamental objectives for their audience: educate her,inform her,and provide you with entertainment.In other words, this means that the influence of these media has social and economic ends.What influence has the digital transformation had on the mass media?The era of digital

transformation has marked a before and after in the way in which information is obtained and managed, this has had a direct influence on the operation of the mass media.An example where we can see this change is in the emergence of Big Data as a way in which yes or yes organizations have had to adopt to be successful, and the mass media are not far behind.Already having a more efficient management of information, today’s mass media perform data analysis to see what information is of greater interest to their audience and thus have a better receptivity. This way of doing journalism is known as data journalism .Another important point to mention is that the Internet and digital transformation are practically linked , both have marked a turning point in the way of transmitting this information.

Print media, television and radio have had to change the way information is delivered to users and adapt to the digital world.conclusionIt is impressive how the digital transformation has influenced the way in which the mass media works, but it is very important to say that the main cause of these changes was originated by the Internet.People have access to a universal information network where apart from staying informed, they have access to entertainment simply by unlocking their cell phone.This reality has made the mass media gradually change communication channels and adapt to the digital world in order to achieve the expected results with users.

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