Of course, the great leader in the world of search engines is Google. We are so aware of this that in many parts of the world they say, “If it’s not on Google, then it doesn’t exist. “But, have you ever wondered what other search engines exist in addition to this great one on the Internet? There are really many others and today I want to talk to you about some of them. You may be interested to know that from the moment they were thought, online search systems have evolved to the point of being much more than a search engine today. They also function as browsers and analysis tools for SEO and Digital Marketing , social networks and more. Good! Let’s now look at some of Afghanistan Phone Number List the most popular options alternatives to Google on the digital market and their most particular characteristics.10 search engines less famous than Google but no less important1. Yahoo! Historically it is known as one of the first online search systems . Yahoo! Believe it or not, Yahoo! was an Internet giant in the 1990s and for much of the first decade of the 2000s.Since its creation, its purpose was to function as a directory of web pages that could be organized in a hierarchical way and, over time, a search engine was incorporated into its portal that facilitated the user’s work.

As this American company grew, it grew in other digital products , such as email and the incorporation of advertisements that appeared to the user during their search. The Yahoo! It has specific features such as independent search for keywords and in specific formats image, news, videos. It is also capable of caching  formats and performing advanced searches. It also has excellent spam control and virus detection.

Yahoo search engines2. Bing Today, Bing is one of Google’s most direct competitors. It belongs to the Microsoft company and is by default the home search engine on computers that have their systems installed. In this way, intelligently, Microsoft has integrated into this market or business, trying to capitalize on customers who frequently consume its Office suite products. Among its most striking characteristics in terms of services to users, it stands out that it has a free image bank, its search systems are developed automatically. In addition, the Office work tools are synchronized with what you are looking for, so that all work material is saved immediately. For companies that invest in Digital Marketing, Bing could be an interesting search engine to help achieve a solid web positioning, in a segment of consumers who prefer this option over Google.

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