This is one of the most popular Marketing Automation tools today, and it is also backed by a solid brand such as HubSpot, which has earned a place of UK Phone Number List honor in the Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing market .


The software of this company is capable of automating data analysis, Landing Pages and, of course, Email Marketing, as well as calls to action, blogging and SEO actions in general.In addition to this, it includes an effective and powerful Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ), that is, a customer relationship management system.

By including a CRM, HubSpot software is an ideal alternative to optimize working times for both the Sales and Marketing teams .2. RD StationRD Station offers one of the best Digital Marketing and automation tools , which helps to optimize search engine positioning through SEO techniques and improves the user experience by improving the company’s or brand’s website.

One of the great potential of this software, ideal to work as a complement to Content Marketing platforms , is that it provides predesigned templates for Email Marketing and increases the reach of social networks.RD Station’s solution also has the ability to create Landing Pages, analyze – in real time – interactions with leads and identify those prospects who are already ready to move to the sales area.

In this article you will find the best practices to combine the use of the RD Station and Rock Content platforms .3. HootsuiteIn 2008, although they were not as widely used as they are today, we were already in the era of social networks .Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn were already a part of daily life for millions of people and brands, and Hootsuit was able to make a profitable business out of it.This is one of the Digital Marketing tools that are directly focused on networks. Basically, it is a content and publication manager.

Thanks to Hootsuite, users simply have to schedule their publications, defining time lapses or periodicity, to keep their profiles updated and moving.In turn, this tool provides access to metrics and data on interactions and popularity, which facilitate the analysis of results.

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