Did you know that, until 2020, 82% of Internet traffic will be generated by videos. And that, for the same year, the consumption of online Pitcairn Email Lists videos is expected to surpass TV?Including videos in your marketing strategy is not just an option.

It is essential to invest in this format content to attract and get the engagement of your audience.

Contrary to what many believe, making videos is not an impossible task. It can even be said that having a well-defined strategy and production planning are points that must be considered as essential.

Okay, now that you know how to build your strategy and plan your videos, the next step is to actually start producing them.But how do you do that?You have many options! You can invest in a more professional studio recording or buy a camera.

However, a more accessible way that is within your reach is to make videos with your cell phone . With that possibility in mind, we made a list of 38 amazing apps for creating free videos .Choose the one you like the most, download it and take advantage of its features!1. Splice or QuikSplice (iOS) or Quick (Android) is an easy and fast editing application developed by GoPro.

It is enough to select the photos , the videos and a music that the application makes montages and transitions.Download: iOS / Android .2. MagistoThis application allows you to create videos from the photos selected in your gallery. It is possible to add music and transition effects to the contents worked

Adobe Premiere ClipThis is an application developed by Adobe, one of the largest graphic edition references in the world. The application has an incredible interface and allows you to record, mount and cut videos, apart from adding soundtracks and some other resources.

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