Although Marketing has undergone great changes and advances in recent years, classics never go out of style , and a good example of Eritrea Email List this is Product Placement. This popular marketing and indirect advertising technique ,


which had its golden age during the 80s and 90s, can still bring great results to brands , so we were motivated to explain what it is about, to show its most media and iconic examples and other things. Join us on this learning journey!

What is Product Placement? When talking about the definition of Product Placement, we can consider that it is an advertising technique, which consists of inserting a commercial product or brand within scenes and sequences of movies, series and programs.

The origin of the so-called advertising location is associated with the first decades of Hollywood’s “Golden Age” , especially the mythical “Wings” (1927), the first winner of the Oscar for best film, in which it was appreciated a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Types of Product Placement Although it is very flexible and dynamic, this advertising technique can be segmented into 3 main types: Verbal Generally, this category is classified into verbal with allusion and verbal with mention. In the first class the characteristics and virtues of the product are detailed by a character, while in the second they only clearly state their name.

ActiveIn this type, the commercial product takes center stage thanks to the action, specifically by coming into physical contact with a character, but no verbal reference is made to him.

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