Colombian Jimena Flórez is one of the most recognized women entrepreneurs in Latin America. The reason is that she is the founder and director of UAE Phone Number List  Chaak Healthy Snacks , a company that makes healthy foods for export to the United States.


With her venture, Flórez is transforming the eating habits of 90,000 American children a month while supporting Colombian farmers to practice sustainable agriculture.

For his social impact, Flórez has received recognition from then-President Barack Obama and has entered into agreements with public health agencies, schools, and retailers in both the United States and Colombia.jimena florez3. Lupina IturriagaLupina Iturriaga is a creative and visionary Spaniard who knew how to take advantage of the digital age to transform a problem into an opportunity.

Iturriaga is the co-founder and director of Fintonic , a personal finance app created in 2012 during the Spanish economic recession. Its purpose is to facilitate money management so that its users can meet their savings goals.Iturriaga has managed to build a business with more than 760,000 registered accounts in Spain,

Chile and Mexico, so it has expansion plans throughout Latin America. His work has been so successful that in 2015, Fintonic received the Google Award for Mobile Innovation in the Finance category.

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