That is why today we bring you a list of some of the best applications to edit and take photos on your Smartphone.That’s how it is! Applications for Android and Apple, and the best, FREE, as we like it.So important are the photos that we spend a good time choosing it. We even ask our friends for opinions!Then we moved on to editing it, tested a number of filters, played with brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, and much more.Although most of the time we do not know for sure what we are doing, or what each tool we use is for, we always obtain a good result, making the initial photo a more beautiful one, ready to Cambodia Phone Number List publish and receive a shower of likes in our Marketing strategies .The 37 best photo apps you can use on your smartphoneIn this list you will find apps to edit photos, make collages, incorporate frames, take high-quality photos and to combine them with videos. Find the one that works best for you!Photo editing appsGoogle PhotosThe Google gallery app could not be missing from our list.

A repository of all your photos, with backup copies in the cloud and with a powerful search engine, which also allows you to edit your images.With it you can cut, improve light conditions, brightness and contrast, as well as apply filters.InstagramAlthough we know it as a social network, this application not only lets us share and view photos with just one click, but it also allows us to edit our photos.Yes! That’s right, Instagram offers us filters such as: “Clarendon, Moon, Lark, Juno” and also make more specialized adjustments regarding: light,warmth,saturation,

color,attenuation,shadesand lights.A good option is to have an editor within reach while you are aware of what is happening on your networks.instagram appTaken from Tap SmartCanvaDespite being an image composition tool such as posters, flyers, social media arts and more, Canva allows you to retouch and edit your photos.It is one of the most popular photo and graphic design applications for cropping, modifying color aspects, and adding fonts within a photo.

Canva has a presence both on the web and as an app for mobile devices.SnapseedThey must have never heard of this application. Despite being little known, Google fell in love, so much so that the renowned company bought the app.Easy to use, powerful like any professional editor, this App offers not only filters, textures, frames, improvements and corrections, but also multiple focus options when blurring or focusing the image.

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