It’s been some time since PowerPoint came into our lives, 30 years to be more exact, while now we are in the middle of the digital age .Since then, the platform developed by Windows, which fulfilled the promise of revolutionizing online presentations , has undergone various changes, both in relation to its interface and usability, as well as in terms of behavior and good practices.Currently, a good visual identity, together with a well-established concept and full of elements that conquer the reader, must be a weight priority when creating a presentation that Belarus WhatsApp Number List makes sense.In the next topics, in addition to discussing the main factors that led to the need to innovate when creating templates, we are going to show you the 7 best websites to download PowerPoint templates worthy of applause from the audience! Let’s go?Why escape the ordinary in a presentation?In the past it was common for PowerPoint presentations to be based on long texts and standard templates. For a long time, this worked.At the end of the day, everything was still very new and, at the time, the focus really was on exposing as much content as possible in a simple way that could be projected on a screen for many people.


Find out why that changed.People became more selective about the content consumedWith the passing of the years and the advancement of digital transformation, the behavior of human beings in relation to technology has changed a lot.We got used to its presence, we learned and integrated gadgets into our day-to-day lives and, with that, we became more selective in relation to the content we consume.Some say that we are more impatient, others that we are in a hurry, but what matters to us is this: long blocks of text arranged in a “black and white” template is no longer enough to guarantee even 1% of the attention of a person.

The act of “projecting presentations” has become something so common and routine that it is necessary to think about how to transform an activity, often associated with a certain monotony, into something capable of adding curiosity and genuine interest in the audience. either 5 or 500 people.You need to stand out in the crowdIn addition to changing behavior in relation to technology standards and trends, it’s no secret that if you want to be truly heard in any niche , you need to stand out from the majority.Creativity is one of the most important pillars in all and any professional area, not only in advertising or graphic design, for example. So whether in the era of large text or gifs , how can we do it differently?We imagine that you already know that we should avoid long blocks of text (something that Content Marketing teaches us very well) and that the ideal is always to divide content through topics so as not to confuse people,

as well as a large number of others. practices we learn in college or on the job.Even one of the most important ways to make that presentation that deserves respect is with due investment in its visual aspects, as it will be the public’s first contact with your content .Imagine a scenario where you put your mind to content, did various research, and even risked being funny and engaging, but you have a super boring and up-to-date design?Many people are going to lose all interest in what you have to say on the first few slides!What are the 7 best sites to download Powerpoint templates?An excellent way to work on the PowerPoint templates of your presentation is by downloading the models that already exist on the internet.In addition to not wasting time creating a whole visual and graphic strategy, many people do not master graphic design programs or really need something more practical and accessible.

To facilitate the process, there are a large number of sites on the Internet that make available the use – free or not – of sketches ready to be freely edited.Next, we list the 7 most interesting options of sites to download the models. In addition, you will also see information about free or need to pay, usability and the main characteristics of each of them. Check them out!

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