If you have an e-commerce, it is essential that you do everything possible to make your online store known. Surely you have heard of SEO optimization and terms such as meta title, meta description, etc. You can use these techniques to drive organic traffic to your online store.


You may have already started optimizing various aspects of your store, such as product text and images, but you may have some difficulty optimizing your meta descriptions.

We created this article to help business owners fully understand what description meta tags are and how to write perfect meta descriptions. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the SEO knowledge you need to create the ideal meta description for your site’s pages.

Meta description: what is it?

Meta tag description

A meta description, or meta description, is a snippet of text that summarizes the content of a page.

It is a “meta tag”, which is an HTML element that is used by both users and search engines to understand what they will find by clicking on the link. It is also called the “snippet” of the page.

Together with the meta title and other “meta” elements, the description meta tag is one of the aspects to be optimized when doing SEO, by inserting the main keyword.

Meta description length: how many characters?

The meta description has a maximum length of 160 characters.

In reality, since the number of visible characters is not fixed but depends on the size of the individual letters (an “m” takes up more space, or pixels, than an “i”), it is advisable to place between 150 and 160 characters for avoid truncations.

What does the meta description look like, in the HTML code and on the page?

The meta description is a strip of code that looks like this:

Does it look Arabic to you? It is actually another language, that of computers. But don’t worry, you will simply have to write in Italian in the box dedicated to the Meta Description of your management system.

Surely you have already seen some meta descriptions on the Google search results page.

Each time you enter a search keyword on Google, you will be presented with a SERP (search results page). On this SERP you will find various results that are related to your search. Below you can see part of a SERP for the search ” Oberlo “.

Here you can see two main features. buy email list singapore The first is the blue text you see in the image above, which is known as the ‘Title Tag’. The function of the Title Tag is to show the title of the page.

Below you will find the meta description, which has a simple function: to inform visitors and prompt them to click on your link. best database provider

Why meta descriptions matter

As a store owner, you will want to do everything in your power to make your products known to your potential customers. Meta descriptions help you increase your click-through rate from three main sources: search engine results, social media shares, and social bookmarks.

When you rank higher on Google, you will receive more visitors. More visitors to your store means more potential customers, which means you’ll also have a better chance of making sales. After all, there are an estimated 1.6 billion active users on Google, so the potential is huge!

How to write a meta description

Now that we’ve seen what a snippet is, it’s time to explain how to write a meta description that will drive more traffic to your online store. It is important to note that there are some differences between the meta descriptions for a home page and for product pages. We have created a simple guide to creating meta descriptions for both the home pages and product pages below:

Create an SEO meta description for a home page

When writing a meta description for your homepage, you’ll need to convey your business’s overall message in just 160 characters. This is certainly a difficult task, even if you are an experienced copywriter .

As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to keep the meta description as simple as possible while presenting a compelling reason to click on the page.

When your prospects use Google, they won’t even realize why they made their decision – they’ll just see a compelling snippet and click on the link.

Here’s a great example of a home page meta description:

Adidas certainly needs no introduction, and has created a meta description that entices users looking for sportswear to click on their link. It addresses its audience directly, saying “Find adidas shoes and clothing”, and pushes the user to purchase by promoting the possibility of a free return for 100 days.

Create an SEO meta description for a product page

Here’s a great example of a meta description for a product page:

In this example we can see the meta description for Isaac’s Baladin beer. You can immediately see that the product and keyword are mention in the meta description. Moreover, which is great for SEO optimization.

Immediately after, the information useful to frame the product is list: color, flavor, spiciness… in short, everything that could be of interest to a user looking for a beer.

Whether you’re writing a meta description for your shop home page or a best-selling product page, you can use these examples as inspiration.

If you run your store with Oberlo, you can change the meta descriptions from Shopify’s settings.
You can access it from your Sales Channel by clicking on Pages, and then clicking on ‘Edit Website SEO’.

Note: If you haven’t created meta descriptions for your web pages yet. Moreover, don’t worry – Google automatically creates one for each page.
Meta descriptions created with the Google algorithm will simply use the text already on your page.

While using these auto-generated meta descriptions might be enough. However, your job as an ecommerce owner is to make sure your store stands out from the crowd.

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