Have you ever jumped into the void and miraculously found a parachute? It has happened to me and, in fact, that’s how my story with Rock Content and my life as a freelancer began.To explain it to you, let’s move to the beginning of 2018. For everyone, the beginning of a new year is full of goals, desires and, in general, the desire to achieve a better lifestyle, and I knew that to achieve it I had to give it a twist to my life.And the thing is that things were not very good at home, from an economic point of view. Although I worked as a sports journalist in a company with a long history and committed to the well-being of its workers, the hyperinflation that my country is going through (yes, Venezuela) means that any salary in national currency does not allow to cover the cost of living.For that reason, I decided to notify the manager of the newspaper that my plan was to leave in the short term, although I did not have another specific project.Some of my alternatives were to emigrate (but I did not have a defined destination) or to make Israel Phone Number List an investment to dedicate myself to business (I only lack one small thing: capital).As you can see, working with Content Marketing was not one of my options , because I even knew what it was about. So how did I find Rock Content?Read on and learn the rest of my story as a freelancer!How did I find out about Rock Content?To develop this point in the story, I have to thank a good friend. He is one of those people who seldom is serious, but when he does it is because he has something very good to say.

In April 2018 he told me about a Content Marketing company , the largest in Latin America, that paid very well to write from home and that he cared about training his network of freelancers.I had already worked – for a couple of months – as a web writer from the comfort of my home, although in reality it was not that comfortable:

the advertising agency was late with payments and demanded almost impossible goals for a single writer.With that background, what my friend told me about the Rock Content company seemed too good to be true. It was the parachute I was waiting for! So, without giving any more thought to the matter, I decided to take it, and today I can say that I did not finish falling into the void.How were my first tasks as a freelancer?To enter Rock Content’s network of freelancers, I submitted a test, after reading a guide on content production that the company itself supplies.Once I approved it, I began to present candidacies for the different categories of texts: Career, Business Management, Entertainment, Health, among many others.

Content Production EbookLeave your email and get the free [email protected] immediately I had access to the first tasks, all as part of the project of a network of universities in Mexico .The content topics focused on career alternatives, guides to a given degree, and tips for youth and college students.Despite my inexperience in Content Marketing, since everything related to this strategy I learned with Rock Content and through practice, I had no problems with the first tasks.Fortunately, the topics were familiar and interesting to me, as university life was no stranger to me. Only 3 years ago he had received a degree in Social Communication.In addition, these first tasks also helped me to verify that Rock Content was indeed a source of economic opportunities , as my friend had told me. On April

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