For this reason, you must choose an appropriate title so that when consumers see or hear it, they identify the product and attribute different qualities to Turkmenistan Email List it that distinguish it from the rest of the brands, which is the central objective of a Marketing strategy .Development must obey a series of attributes, emotions and experiences that an entity seeks to transmit and to whom.

Just as brand design is associated with the visual identity of your company, naming represents its verbal authenticity.If you want to know more about how to choose a good name for your brand to obtain a competitive advantage that lasts, then you can’t stop reading!What is naming?The translation of the term “naming” means to name.

In the area of ​​business communication, we would be talking about a set of techniques used to develop and create names for products, services, companies, events or a project in general, with the aim of differentiating it from the rest to obtain a good positioning.Remember that every name generates a mental portrait in the user, therefore, we must bear in mind that the image or sound it has, will attribute specific characteristics to it.

A relevant aspect is to foresee where the brand will be implemented, which sector, country, target audience or type of buyer person .You must try to have a language through certain criteria and strategic communication objectives to achieve, thus, give positive value to the brand .What is the importance of naming?Naming has different types of strategies that will facilitate the work of brand management in order to make it known and consciously and unconsciously remembered in the minds of consumers :

analysis of external and internal factors;identify the market share that you plan to obtain; analyze the target audience of your brand;In this way, naming allows us to disagree which are the differentiating attributes that make us original according to the competition .The use of these techniques will reduce the margin of error on the way it will be perceived by consumers when launching our project to the market.9 essential characteristics to develop your brand name To choose a name that describes your competitive advantage , it is recommended to consider the following factors: 1.

Ability to cause impact You should look for the name to have something particular with a unique, striking and different touch from the others. In this way, you would be avoiding a very serious mistake, proposing a name similar to another to seek to confuse the consumer and fall for your brand by chance. Being original and not misleading your prospects or potential clients will be the first step in determining the success of your marketing strategy .2. Brevity and conciseness The name has to express the idea in a few suitable words to make it easier to remember. eg Nike, Facebook , Instagram . They are short and enter the consumer’s mind quickly.3. Ease of writing and pronunciation In this step, you must have studied in depth the target audience to whom you are going to direct the action so that you write how they think and generate a number of leads with the fact that they feel identified.4.

How nice it sounds For naming it is essential that the brand has from a pleasant name to how the advertising you plan to do in the future will be heard .We must take advantage of the benefits of the sense of hearing , which increase mutual trust, promote calm, limit errors and thus increase productivity.5. Message it transmits Whenever possible, we must find a name that, in some way, conveys what our brand wants to communicate, but that does not say everything it is going to do, we must leave some expectation for it to have a better effect.

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