However, we are very proud to launch the first issue of our magazine, “Rock Content Magazine” a decision based, incredible as it may seem, on our Digital Marketing strategy. You don’t get it, do you? Do not worry! In this text I will explain what this strategy is about. First of all, it is important to remember that traditional and digital marketing are not separated by a big wall. In the end, the customer’s journey passes through various channels and formats, online or not, and the role of marketing is to be present where the audience is. In the case of Rock Content, we undertook an Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiative , which is a tactic to attract large customers. The essence of this strategy remains digital, but in mapping the path of these types of clients, we saw a great Austria Phone Number List opportunity to publish printed material and close more deals with them. The strategy is digital, the format is consequence When we talk about digital transformation , there is a tendency to focus on what catches our attention the most, which is ready content, delivered in a virtual and innovative way, such as virtual reality, augmented or some kind of interactive model of the moment. But the truth is that this is the least relevant part of Digital Marketing. Do you understand what we mean?

What we mean is that the public does not see the essence of digital transformation: business segments and rules running on a marketing automation platform, data collection used for content personalization, and keyword research that indicates intent. search, among other things. And it is that there are hundreds of other resources or processes invisible to the public, but that have one objective: to offer the best content at the right time , regardless of whether it is a virtual experience or a magazine, as in the case of ” Content Rock Magazine “(by the way, take a look at the version digi t on ).

At the end of the day, good content is what will give the expected results. And how do we expect to have good results with a magazine? Due to ABM’s strategy. Venturing into Account Based Marketing Account Based Marketing is a strategy that involves marketing and sales to get business and contracts with large companies. Basically, it is about not focusing only on one person within a company, which is the traditional principle of Inbound Marketing , but on several stakeholders that represent them. The efficiency of this strategy lies in the fact that in large organizations the decision processes go through several people, with different functions and hierarchies.

Therefore, each of these people needs or demands a different channel and content formats, as well as different levels of personalization. Returning to Rock Content, we put together a strategy in which each month we choose a market and map its large accounts.

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