Is advertising the elixir of eternal youth? In advertisements it is difficult to find older people even in products specifically directed at them, something that many seniors criticize, claiming that they feel Bolivia Email Lists invisible. In the case of women, the situation is even worse, and it is common for the protagonists of the advertisements to be 20 and even 30 years younger than those to whom they are directed.

This is shown again in a new study by Look Fabulous Forever where the researchers point out that marketers seem to think that everyone who is over 50 is old, and that therefore, it is so much to put someone 50 representing someone 70, because they belong to the same “age group”. On the other hand, they also criticize that the use of older models is limited to exclusive products for adults, but that they are never the protagonists of those spots that advertise articles for daily use such as perfume, chocolate or dishwasher tablets (things that are not they stop using when they reach 50).

But does this underrepresentation have consequences? According to this study, this situation leads to negative attitudes towards the brand, and also contributes to having a more negative view of the aging process itself that seems to be denied in advertising.

Of the 509 women surveyed (ages 49 to 89), the vast majority (97%) said they would like more older models and celebrities to appear in advertisements, and the same percentage wanted those older models to be used in a way routine in all types of advertising.

Furthermore, 98% missed older models in advertisements for beauty products intended for them, commenting that this would provide a more representative view of the aging process, and that it could even reduce negative stereotypes towards older women . On the other hand, they indicated that a realistic representation would increase their confidence in the product, make them pay more attention to the advertised item, and have a greater influence on their purchase decision

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