Consumers are quite critical of the advertisements that serve them on the internet. Advertising assaults them on practically any corner and in Czech Republic Email List the most visible (and therefore most annoying) way possible. To this we must add that consumers have migrated to mobile phones and that brands have done so with them. There is more and more advertising on these devices,

more and more brands want to be more present in these scenarios, more and more media offer more and more advertising formats and Internet users are increasingly tired of mobile advertising, especially when it is not adapted really to what that scenario demands and when, therefore, the worst practices have been imported from the desktop to the mobile.

The saturation of consumers is quite clear and the care that brands should take not to exhaust the format should be greater. The truth is that the different studies do not offer any promising data that this is the case, especially if certain data that ends up appearing on how advertising is served on mobile devices is taken into account. Because, according to a study just revealed, the ads on these devices are not only annoying but they also work like mobile bandwidth vampires.

This has just been shown by a study by Enders Analysis. As explained in an analysis in Business Inside r, this weight of ads in the data consumption of mobile internet connection plans could be one of the reasons why consumers first download adblocking services for their mobile terminals and second, the operators themselves launch rates with serial adblocking. According to Shine, the firm that gives operators the technology to do so, ads eat up between 10 and 50% of mobile bandwidth. According to the analysis of Enders Analysis, what they say is not a lie

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