Evaluating the effectiveness of your business strategies is essential to ensure that you are on the right track.With this in mind, we are going to Madagascar Email Lists explore here what is a strategic analysis and what is its importance, in addition to knowing the main techniques available.


The daily life when managing a business is full of big and small decisions. It is they who, little by little,

will shape the path that the company will travel and will determine the level of success that can be achieved.To be effective, since these decisions cannot be the result of purely intuitive thoughts or assumptions, it is essential to have an analytical basis to corroborate such actions.

This is precisely where strategic analysis comes into play.In this article we are going to show you a definition for the concept and explain why it is so important to apply it in your company.In addition, we will present you 5 different types of analysis, explaining when and how they should be applied. Take advantage of reading!What is strategic analysis?Strategic analysis refers to the study of the internal and external environment of a company,

with the aim of evaluating its present and future components.From it, it is possible to structure a scientifically-based strategy, in order to facilitate the achievement of a certain goal, be it growth in the market, increased sales with Inside Sales ,

lower costs with advertising , etc.It is a way of investigating, analyzing and mapping the particularities present in the scope of an organization.In this way, opportunities and areas that need improvement are easily visualized, as well as areas with satisfactory performance.

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