Political Marketing is a set of communicative actions carried out by a consultancy or a Marketing professional with the aim of boosting the reputation of a political representative or group, by showing the advantages of their proposals and ideas.Tatiana GrapsasJul 25, 19 | 5 min readwhat is political marketingDo you remember who you voted for in the last elections? Do you monitor the facts of your political representatives on a daily basis?If your answer was no, politics may not capture your attention. But the reason may also be another: the candidate you have voted for does not carry out political marketing South Korea Phone Number List actions or campaigns.If you are unfamiliar with this concept, keep reading! We explain it to you in details below.What is political marketingPolitical marketing, or political marketing, is a system made up of methods, techniques and practices, which seek to strengthen the relationship between an electorate and a candidate, a government , a party or a political group.Strengthening the relationship, in this area, means developing communication between the candidate and the voters , building a solid political image that transmits confidence and security, in order to win the acceptance and sympathy of the electoral market.

But beware: political marketing must be used responsibly .The best way to do this is by seeking to meet the needs of society, in addition to educating voters about the political life around them, promoting their participation and keeping them informed about the work carried out during the mandate.What Political Marketing strategies can be appliedAs we said before, political marketing applies communication techniques in order to build a strong and charismatic image before the target audience.

For that, some strategies are carried out.1. Analysis of the electoral marketTo be able to achieve positive results, political marketing must understand what moves people, what makes them resist difficulties, and how they build their beliefs in a better world.The analysis of the electoral market is capable of offering these answers.Surveys and questionnaires are some of the research methodologies that are most used to understand voters, their wishes and their needs.Also with the help of the Internet and social media , it has been much easier to conduct research on voters and to pinpoint where their opinions and attitudes are going.2. Creation of a political brandIn the same way as in business, politicians also carry a brand .The brand of the politician is his identity , from which he must draw all the inspiration to develop his political ideals.

The profile of a candidate is studied in order to plan the image that will be projected to society.For example, some politicians are recognized by the electorate as representatives of health or education. Meanwhile, others are seen as economics connoisseurs.Whatever your brand, marketing will help build it through a branding strategy .3. Building a communityA candidate needs to keep the electorate by his side if he wants to have the political force necessary to carry out his projects.That is why it is considered so important to bring people together and create a community .If in the past the only way to do it was through activism and political militancy, today it is possible to achieve the same result in other ways.

With the popularization of social networks, one of the most used tools is the creation of groups.Media such as Facebook and WhatsApp allow several users to meet to debate and converse on topics of the same interest.

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