Imagine you want to create gadgets for your most loyal customers, or you want to sell branded products to improve your brand positioning. Or maybe you have a wonderful logo or design, and you can’t wait to see it on mugs, t-shirts and whatnot. How to do? 


Print on demand allows you to create literally hundreds of different products, customize them just the way you want, and sell them to virtually anyone. All without ever having to deal with managing an inventory or warehouse, and without making bulk purchases. 

So low initial investment, high flexibility and infinite earning potential. Is a dream? No, it’s called print on demand . 

And no, it’s not just about mugs and t-shirts. Did I intrigue you? Read on to find out how you can start a business at no cost (or almost nothing) and print your art without worrying about anything (or almost!). 

But what does print on demand mean? Literally “print on demand”, print on demand is a business model that allows you to manage the sale of customized products in an extremely simple – and inexpensive way.

Basically, it’s about being able to create and customize the design of certain products and sell them to your customers … without worrying about the printing, packaging and shipping processes.

We are therefore talking about an ecommerce model that allows new zealand email list you to sell customized products that will be printed by your supplier only after you have received an order on your store. That’s why you’ll never have to worry about expensive printing equipment, warehouses and packaging, and most importantly, you’ll never have to run into the costly (as well as cumbersome) problem of creating more products than you can actually sell. 

All you have to do is choose a print on demand service provider, who will take care of everything related to the technical part of your ecommerce for you. 

Does it remind you of anything? Yes: the business model of print on demand is extremely similar to that of dropshipping. No inventory, no shipping. But there is also some difference. 

So let’s see how print on demand printing works and how to manage this type of business.

How print on demand works 

The operation of print on demand is extremely linear or, better said, circular! 

The first thing to do is obviously to create and define the designs you want to print on the products. (No, you don’t need to have who knows what graphics skills, but we’ll talk about that later.)

You will then need to find the print on demand app that best suits your needs, choose your favorite products and upload them to your online store. Pay particular attention to this step, because the print on demand service you choose will be the supplier from which you purchase products for your customers, and on whose quality their satisfaction will depend. 

Of course, to sell your products you will need an online store. So unless you already have one, you will need to create it and upload your products into it. 

As soon as a customer places an order on your store, all you have to do is forward the order to your supplier, who will take care not only of the fulfillment and printing of the order, but also of the packaging and shipping to your customer. . 

And here you will have completed your sale, without having to worry about the most “annoying” aspects of your business. All you have to do – and be responsible for – is upload designs and promote your store and products. 

How to make money with print on demand? 

Making money with print on demand is possible, if you know how to do it. No, in this case it is not a saying but the wonderful truth! 


Imagine creating the design for a t-shirt, and the cost you will have to pay to your supplier (for printing, packaging and shipping) is € 14.99. Then sell the t-shirt on your site for € 21.99. As soon as a customer makes the purchase, you will have made an immediate profit of € 7. 

All without having to worry about anything, other than forwarding the order to your supplier! 

What will really make a difference will be where you choose to sell your products. Choosing the right platform is essential, it will save you time and money (valuable in any type of business) and will increase your chances of creating a successful business. 

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