Programmatic advertising represents the most important change in advertising in the last Latvia Email List decade, evolving the buying and selling processes, revolutionizing strategies and generating new professionals and disciplines.

E l use of data on buying and selling program involves significant competitive advantages over other traditional models.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning will define the programmatic advertising of the future.

Campaign planning including the adoption of programmatic management models and audience measurement are the main challenges that programmatic advertising faces in relation to television content.

IAB Spain, the advertising, marketing and digital communication association in Spain, has presented the White Paper on Programmatic Advertising, prepared by the IAB Spain Programmatic Advertising Commission.

Programmatic advertising is representing the most important change in advertising of the last decade, and not only in digital media but in the transformation of the entire sector. It means both an evolution in the buying and selling processes, as well as a revolution in strategies, generating new professionals, disciplines and updating the classic advertising concepts. And it is that, until the arrival of the programmatic, the traditional processes of other media were used in digital advertising, through the management of purchase orders and checking of inventory availability between teams of publishers and agencies directly

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