If new users improve the visibility of the app, returning users are the financial supporters. They are the ones who make purchases, pay for memberships and, in general, who monetize these projects.In fact, the key to achieving conversions through these channels is through the implementation of engagement actions with existing users, which are much cheaper than the acquisition and loyalty of new customers.Therefore, the main challenge of marketing for apps is not to get a lot of meaningless downloads, but to turn your users into frequent users of the app.If you can’t create that user engagement with your app, your project may be headed for failure, because after all, a mobile app is an investment that needs to generate a return to stay afloat.Now that you understand the importance of user retention, we are going to Chinese Phone Number List introduce you to the actions you can take to start improving your retention figures.We are going to explain them one by one.7 techniques to improve app user retention1. Make sure to deliver the value you promise in your app listing Although it seems obvious, many apps make the mistake of giving wrong information about their benefits and functionalities.

This leads to disappointment every time a user logs in for the first time and doesn’t find what they expected.To avoid frustrations and bad impressions, keep your app file updated with true descriptions (without exaggerations) about its operation, and put into practice simple onboarding .2. Implement multi-channel marketingMulti-channel marketing is a powerful tool for increasing user retention.

Through emails , push notifications and in-app messages, among others, you can target those users who installed your app but don’t interact much with it.Notify them about new content available, inform them about a promotion or give them a discount coupon.Create messages that remind them why they installed your app. Of course, take care of the frequency of your notifications to avoid looking like spam.3. Update the application constantlyUpdates give your app a fresh impression. Perform analytics-based A / B testing on the layout or user interface , but allow plenty of time for navigators to adapt to changes.Add new content and maintain a constant flow of interaction. Create a sense of need in the user to keep up with your app updates.4.

Enable feedback channelsHearing feedback from your users about your app is a great way to let them know that you are constantly working to improve their experience based on their feedback .If they have problems, it is your duty to offer excellent customer service to meet their requirements and offer solutions on time. Nothing is more dangerous for user retention than ignoring their needs!5.

Create exclusive contentSince a third of the people who use mobile applications abandon them due to loss of interest, you can frequently create exclusive and stimulating content for your community .Take advantage of the fact that 24% of users expect an app to provide them with exclusive content . Make your app a communication channel.

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