In states like Puebla, CDMX and Veracruz, you could propose to go to a new university every day and the year would not be enough to visit them all. This is why being the first to appear is vital.In other words, having a consistent marketing strategy is no longer an option; it is a necessity.In this article you will see how Aliat Universidades , in alliance with Rock Content, knew how to understand this Qatar Phone Number List reality perfectly and took advantage of the content marketing tool to: Differentiate yourself in the HEI market.Build authority in the educational segment.Consolidate a strong position in the digital universe.If you are interested in knowing how he did it, keep reading!About Aliat UniversitiesAliat is a network of universities with wide coverage that has 7 educational institutions: ETAC University .Valle de Grijalva University (UVG) .University of Advanced Studies (UNEA) .Tapachula Center for Higher Studies (CEST) .Tangamanga University (UTAN) .La Concordia University (ULC) .Corbusé Gastronomic School .Some of these institutions, such as Universidad ETAC, for example, have more than 50 years of experience offering higher education to thousands of Mexicans in 15 states of the republic.

They have 32 campuses and about 55 thousand students, in addition to several strategic allies to teach blended programs in various cities in Mexico.Aliat sees education as a determining factor for social mobility and the key to changing lives. His goal is to give as many young people access to higher education as possible and thus help them reach their full potential.

That is why they offer different study modalities:Face-to-faceOnline.Blended.In addition to this, all campuses have an initiative called Aliat Empréndete that seeks to help students find work, encourage them to undertake and create a network of contacts from the moment they are in the race.Since 2015, they have been strengthening the marketing team and promoting improvements to go further.At the end of 2017, they decided to look for an expert in the area of content production to gain ground on the Internet. This is how they discovered Rock Content .Why do inbound and content marketing for universities?Before we talk more about the Rock and Aliat Universities alliance, it is important that we stop for a moment to talk about why these strategies are a good idea for institutions of higher learning.

Everything that concerns inbound marketing and the premise of educating your consumer instead of convincing them, is a novelty in the educational market in Mexico. Until recently, a TV ad and a few outdoors were enough to guarantee a quota of new students.But what changed?In addition to the growing volume of IES in Mexico, students now have the power of information in their hands: before making any decision for their future, they can solve all their doubts with one click.A simple Google search allows you to discover what the market offers, what type of course suits you and even what you need to know to choose an institution.So if you can’t convince them, why not educate them?By using content marketing in your strategy,

you can be part of the student’s entire shopping journey, giving them the information they need to make their decision.And when you do that correctly, it will realize for itself that you are the best option.Another benefit of using this strategy is building a relationship with your students before they start studying, which helps with their retention throughout the career.

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