Ambra University success storyFor many people, obtaining a university degree is a great dream.Imagine that you are Brazilian and you can graduate from an American university and, most interestingly, in Singapore Email List your mother tongue. Now, imagine the countless doors that this diploma could open for you to get your dream job.Did you already imagine it? If it is possible!Ambra University is an American university based in Orlando that offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of business and Brazilian law.The courses can be taken on campus (in person),

through the Internet or in combination (mixed).The university believes that teaching should be carried out with high quality, offering training with individualized assistance, development of technical and social skills, allowing flexible study and providing institutional support.The Ambra blog is «Direito Profissional», which focuses on the Content Marketing strategy in the university’s online law teaching, mainly for the new courses of Master of Laws , Master of Conflict Resolution and Master of Compliance.How did Ambra come to Rock Content?Ambra University had invested heavily in paid ads and relied on

Google Ads to be seen by its leads .This was because she didn’t have a consistent content strategy that would allow her potential students to find her on search engines.It was then that the institution changed its pay audience for its own consistent and recurring audience, investing in Content Marketing for its blog.At that time, Rock Content took action with a strategy developed specifically for the North American university to obtain a high volume of organic traffic, so that its people could find it in the first positions of Google pages.If you had to build your audience on a platform that you can’t

control (Google Ads) and a fully customizable one (blog), which one would you prefer?It is true that having unlimited access and power over a strategy to conquer potential clients is much more advantageous than having them in an unstable environment (paid media) and, even so, obtaining results in a predictable way is almost a utopia.It is from this perspective that we want to share with you this very successful case that Ambra University and Rock Content built together.What results did Ambra

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